In Memory of John Bolene

John Bolene passed away June 11th. No services are planned.

John grew up in Ponca City, OK. He attended the Univ. of Okla., where he received a BA in Physics, ans a MA in Computer Science in the mid-70’s. He worked for Hertz, doing computer support for many years. He has two daughters.

John was a former Prefect of Tripoli Oklahoma. He was certified Tripoli L3, and had recently been made a TAP. John was very active in motor theory and construction. He used to give classes on motor construction and propellant mixing. He had a business and web site, Mostly Missiles, where he sold rockets and motors

John was a good friend, He was very generous with his time and experience. He is greatly missed.

This is completely unexpected. This is going to leave a huge hole in our hearts and in our local community.

Here is John's obituary in the Ponca City News.

Here is John’s personal page on this web site.

Some recent pictures of John at rocket launches