Big Daddy Drag Race FAQ


In April 2006, Tripoli Oklahama will host a Big Daddy Drag Race. This ain't no sissy drag race with a whimpy Estes kit. It is a "run what ya brung" drag race of the baddest Big Daddy's you may ever see. How often do you see the Big Daddy fly with a 54mm J motor?

Stock Specs - courtesy Estes-Cox Corp (hehehehe)
  • Length: 19" (48.3 cm)
  • Diameter: 3.0" (7.6 cm)
  • Weight: 5.3 oz (150 g)
  • Recovery: 24" (61 cm) parachute
  • Fins: T3™ die cut balsa
  • Maximum Altitude: 350 ft (107 m)
  • Recommended Engines: D12-3 (FF), D12-5.
  • Entry must be conform to Estes kit, length, diameter, number of fins and fin dimensions. This means your entry must be 19" in length, 3" in diameter, and fin span of 3". Click for RockSim v6 file. Fin dimensions are:
  • Only certified commercially made rocket motors may be used to propel entries. Manufacturers such as: Aerotech, Animal Motor Works, Cessaroni, Ellis Mtn, etc. There is no size limitation, so feel free to pull out your 75mm motors.
  • Entries may be constructed of any material that the builder wishes to use with the exception of metals. Refer to Tripoli Safety Code.
  • Entry must be painted with no less than two colors of paint. Primer does not count as a color. Remember to somehow identify your rocket. If we have 20 going up, you want to know which one is yours when it is recovered.
  • Entry must have a functioning recovery system
  • Entries must pass RSO inspection. Since these vehicles will be marginally stable - we will be checkin 'em.
  • Winner to be determined by the first rocket that crosses a streamer held by crosspieces behind the pads. The BDDR committee will review video to determine a winner if needed - but we're all weiners.

I've heard several people mention fiberglass and I motor. Word to the wise: If it's gonna pull 40g's off the pad - glass it!

Howard Palecheck at The Rocket Space has Big Daddy kits available

See you in April!