John Bolene's Personal Page

I began rocketry in Ponca City, OK in high school in 1967. I started and was president of the Ponca City High School Rocket Club. I spent many memorable days building and flying rockets with a few fellow rocket nuts. I put an end to rocketry when I went to college at Oklahoma University and received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics in 1973 and my Master of Arts in Computer Science in 1975. During the spring of 1995, I found out about rocketry again when talking to a friend at work. I attended my first HPR launch at Sooner Boomer 12 in Medford, OK in June 1995. I joined OKC Tripoli in October and have spent many more memorable days building and flying rockets with more fellow rocket nuts.
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A few photos of my rockets.

Mountainside 4" V2 on H128

LOC Minnie Magg on H180

LOC Warlock

Estes Broadsword and stretched LOC IV

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